Cancellation / Vacation / Sick Policy

• In order to provide the best possible service and availability to all of our clients, it is our policy to charge $75.00 to clients who do not provide sufficient notice for cancellations.  We ask for as much notice as possible.  Ideally, this means at least 24 hours notice.  We do realize that children wake up sick from time to time.  In this event, parents should call 425.358.4885 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  on or before 8:00am the day of your childs appointment.  If the call is received later than 8:00am the client will be responsible to pay a cancellation fee of $75.00.Cancellation Policy

• Medical insurance does not cover cancelled or missed appointments.  In emergency situations (earthquake, motor vehicle accidents, etc), Rock Therapeutic Services does not require any notice and will not bill the client for the cancelled appointment.  Three un-cancelled ìno showsî are grounds for termination of treatment.

Sick Policy

• If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.  Children who are not feeling well, will not do well in therapy.  If the child is not contagious and seems to be in good spirits you can bring him/her to therapy.  If the therapist determines he/she is not healthy enough to participate in therapy, she may call the parent/caregiver to take the child home early.  If the child starts feeling sick the day before their appointment, it is recommended for the parent to call as early as possible and cancel your childís appointment.

• If your child starts feeling better the day of his/her appointment, you can call and see if your childís appointment is still available.  We will do our best to find an opening in our schedule for your child to be seen.


Rock Therapeutic Services is closed for some Holidays and professional conferences.  Parents will be notified of any days off or vacation days at least one week prior to the date.